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BEACHWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – Police nabbed drugs, guns and thousands of dollars in cash during a drug bust at a popular Northeast Ohio shopping mall.

The arrest happened two weeks ago, but Beachwood police just made the video public on Tuesday.

They did blur the faces of the suspects because they have not been formally charged and the faces of the officers because they sometimes work on plain-clothes detail.

In the video, you can hear an officer say, “Police, don’t move. Come here. Don’t run, don’t run. Don’t move, don’t move. Hands up, you will get bit by a dog.”

Around 3 p.m. on January 26, Beachwood police officers confronted two men leaving Beachwood Place shopping mall.

Officers say they witnessed the men get out of a black Jaguar parked in the mall’s north lot about two hours earlier with what appeared to be illegal, dark tint on the windows. 

An officer says he looked inside and saw a handgun in the passenger side map pocket.

Officers say after a drug-sniffing dog alerted them to narcotics, they watched the vehicle until the two men returned to it.

Police took a wad of cash from the suspect while searching him and placed him in the back of a cruiser.

Officers then spoke to the second suspect and placed him into another cruiser.

SUSPECT 2: Can somebody explain to me, like, what’s the cause of all of this?

When the second officer asked why he being detained, the officer said, “We had a positive narcotics hit on your vehicle in the presence of a K-9 from a trained narcotics dog, so that gives us probable cause to detain anyone who was getting out or into the vehicle.”

While searching the vehicle, an officer removed two clear bags of white powder and a prescription pill bottle. In the trunk, they found a blue bag full of $20 and $100 bills.

Beachwood police say they found more than $140,000 in the bag, more than $1,500 on one suspect, $186 on the other and two Ruger firearms.

Police say both suspects are from the Northeast Ohio area and had previous felony convictions, which prohibit them from carrying firearms.

Formal charges may be filed after investigators receive lab results from the Cuyahoga County regional crime lab.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration is also helping with the investigation.