CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered new charges and we’ve obtained new video not seen before from a big crackdown on dirt bikes.

New police video shows riders busted on the ground and from the air. And, this video has been released to the I-Team as we’ve learned of several more people indicted by a grand jury.

Back in May, Cleveland police, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and others did what so many of you have been demanding. They went after packs of dirt bikes and ATVs.

On that day, dozens of people ended up arrested or hit with tickets. Now, Cuyahoga County prosecutors have indicted a total of nine riders on felony charges.

The suspects face charges for not following police orders, obstruction, aggravated riot, inducing panic and more. At least one also faces a charge for driving an ATV on train track.

The video shows officers climbing a fence to get to the ATV rider and a passenger along the tracks. You hear an officer say, “We are on the railroad tracks just west of West 25th.”

Other encounters show officers approaching dirt bike riders at gunpoint yelling, “Get on the ground. Get on the ground, now.”

And, an officer gets in the face of a rider getting arrested, asking, “You have no business being on the street do you? Then don’t talk to me.”

One rider tries to explain, “We’re just trying to get home. Trying to get home.” But, an officer responds with, “You aren’t trying to do (expletive)…”

Cleveland police chopper video shows a crew in the air following groups of riders and individuals. At one point, the chopper crew calls out, “We’re following the four-wheeler. You want the dirt bike, or the four-wheeler?”

Last month, the I-Team revealed highway patrol video as a trooper chased an ATV even on the highway. The rider would not stop.

Now, we see how he got caught. A Cleveland police chopper tracked him from the air to a home on the west side.

Radio traffic from the air shows, “He’s in a house in a garage off of Storer on the north side of the street. He put the four-wheeler in the garage.”

Records show all of the suspects indicted are pleading not guilty, and their cases are just beginning to move through court.