GATES MILLS, Ohio (WJW) — Village police on Thursday rescued a baby deer that had been chased into a resident’s home by their dog.

Watch the body camera footage provided to the FOX 8 I-Team in the player above.

It happened just after 2:30 p.m. Thursday at a home along Chelsea Lane, according to a police report.

(Gates Mills Police Department)

“It’s a baby deer. … Now they can’t get it outside of the house,” the caller told a police dispatcher. “Hopefully you can help corral it to move it out.”

Emily Risner, 24, said she heard her dogs, Mowgli and Dixie, creating a commotion outside her home. That’s when she saw them chasing a small deer.

“I opened the door and two dogs and the baby deer ran into my house, so I pushed my dogs back outside and [the deer] just laid down right on the mat right there by the door,” Risner said.

Gates Mills Police Department officers responded, one of whom carried the deer back outside. It ran off into the woods, presumably to look for its mom.

The officers’ body camera video shows them attempting to give the frightened fawn a very gentle nudge but she would not budge, and that’s when Patrolman Hooker took matters into his own hands.

Deer typically have babies in May, June or July, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

It’s actually common for their mothers to leave fawns around homes — often intentionally near humans, in backyards or near flower beds — since that’s where they will likely be safest, according to ODNR.

Mothers actually spend “very little time” with their fawns, to avoid attracting predators to their location. Fawns begin following their mothers at four weeks old and can start foraging for themselves by two months old.

The officers’ body camera video shows them attempting to give the frightened fawn a ve