RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — The Cleveland police union honored the Richmond Heights officers credited in tracking down Officer Shane Bartek’s stolen vehicle after he was carjacked and killed on New Year’s Eve.

On Friday morning, the union presented plaques to the officers who carried out the manhunt which led to the arrest of 28-year-old Anthony Butler, Jr. who police say was found driving Bartek’s vehicle.

Tamara McLoyd, 18, is charged with carjacking, shooting and killing Bartek then passing the vehicle along to Butler. He’s now been indicted for receiving stolen property, failure to comply, and obstruction of official business.

Officers Kevin Watts, Sean Lawlor and Kevin Rodriguez received the plaques and said they, along with the whole Richmond Heights police force, work to be involved in the community and to be on a personal basis with the residents.

Officer Lawlor explained that on the night they received the call for a suspect vehicle, they followed it until it crashed behind an apartment building on Euclid Road.

“This was, at the time, a murder suspect for one of the police officers from the city of Cleveland,” Officer Lawlor said. “As a team we moved up and were able to detain that individual until reinforcements arrived.”

He said they found out a couple hours later how everything was connected.

“We’re just glad that some people who did some horrible things are off the streets now,” Officer Lawlor said, “And the community’s much safer.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recently visited Richmond Heights to acknowledge the officers involved saying, “This was a heroic act. It took courage. It took discipline to be able to successfully to accomplish this arrest.”

Bartek was laid to rest on Jan. 11 as law enforcement, loved ones and members of the community gathered to pay their respects to the fallen officer.