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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — Gov. Mike DeWine returned to Northeast Ohio this afternoon and spoke to media prior to a redistricting meeting.

The meeting, held in Warrensville Heights at 4 p.m., was put on by state Democratic legislators on the Ohio Redistricting Commission looking to introduce a revised legislative map.

When asked if he was happy with any of the maps proposed so far, DeWine said the process is still ongoing.

“I think we’re in a process of going back and forth and it’s not who likes what,” DeWine said. “I think our goal should be to have something that the two Democrats can be OK with, and I don’t know if we can make that or not.”

DeWine was also asked about President Joe Biden‘s recent decision to require 100-plus employee businesses to mandate vaccines or regular testing, and whether he would join other governors in suing the administration. The governor had previously called Biden’s mandate “a mistake.”

“I’ve had discussions with the [Ohio] Attorney General …” DeWine said. “This is entirely up to the Attorney General, he’s looking at it. Let me real clear what my concern was with the order given by the president: That order would kick up this dust storm of politics and partisanship and it would put the discussion on that as opposed as to what I think is the most important and that’s convincing someone to get vaccinated.”

DeWine said he plans to hold a press conference Tuesday regarding Ohio’s COVID-19 vaccine progress.

“We need to try to stay focused on the science on each Ohioan making up their mind [about getting vaccinated],” DeWine said.