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CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association said it will fight the firings of six Cleveland police officers, three years after a deadly police chase and shooting.

“These officers have been honorably working for the citizens of Cleveland for the last 3 years while the city held on to their investigation during that time. We will immediately and aggressively fight this discipline through our grievance procedures to correct this injustice,” said President of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association Steve Loomis.

At a press conference on Tuesday, city officials announced the firings; they also said six other officers involved in the chase were disciplined, and one officer retired.

One of the officers fired was Michael Brelo, who was cleared on manslaughter charges last year.

Loomis named the six officers who were fired:

Michael Brelo
Erin O’Donnell
Brian Sabolik
Wilfredo Diaz
Michael Farley
Chris Ereg

The police officers were involved in a chase in November 2012 that ended in officers firing 137 shots and killing two suspects: Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Loomis said while their deaths are tragic, “at the end of the day, two people high on crack cocaine and marijuana made the decisions that they did and we responded to them.”

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