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LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – Fox 8’s Kenny Crumpton went to Lakewood High School as physics students learned whether their boats would sink or swim Friday, and he even competed with students!

According to Lakewood City Schools, about 50% of the boats typically sink. This year, physics Teacher David Hille said only 36% of the boats made it across the pool in round 1, held Thursday afternoon. That round determined who would race Friday.

As for Friday morning’s round two, it looks like the “Despicable Me” team wasn’t feeling so despicable this time around.

A few teams had a rough start in round three Friday morning, but others were excited to make it to the finish line!

But will Kenny make it across the pool in round four? Check it out:

On Thursday, over 140 junior and senior physics students put their hard work to the test in Lakewood High School’s Cardboard Boat Regatta.

Over the past five weeks, the students have been building boats only using untreated corrugated and clear packing tape.

The boats had to hold two students as they paddle across the high school’s 25-yard pool.

The school partners with Tavens Packaging and Display Solutions in Bedford Heights for the regatta.

Fox 8 has covered Lakewood High School’s cardboard boat regatta for 18 years now.