DANVERS Mass. (WJW) – Massachusetts firefighters rescued an owl who was in danger while battling a brush fire Wednesday.

According to local media, fire crews almost extinguished a fire near Danvers school on Tuesday night, and returned on Wednesday morning to put down any remaining hot spots, Storyful reports. 

According to the local fire service, it was then that they encountered the owl on the ground, “alive but motionless,” the fire department said.

“Once it was given water its condition seemed to improve dramatically,” they wrote.

Footage that was posted by Danvers Fire Department shows the juvenile great horned owl inside a cardboard box being given water.

Storyful reports that the fire department later released an update, saying the owl was in good health and released by a “wildlife rehabilitator” in the same area it was found.

“While we did not spot its mother, rescuers could hear an owl calling in the distance. Hopefully they are now reunited!” the fire department wrote.