BAILEY’S CROSSROADS, Virginia (WJW) – Heart-stopping video captured the moment a firefighter narrowly escaped harm during an explosion.

An explosion engulfed the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department during an emergency callout on Tuesday.

The department released dramatic video footage capturing the terrifying moment, highlighting the immense risks that firefighters face daily.

The incident happened during a utility emergency at a commercial building.

As the firefighter opened the door of the building, a sudden and powerful explosion occurred, shrouding the scene in chaos.

Fortunately, the firefighter emerged unscathed.

According to a spokesperson for Dominion Energy, the explosion was triggered by a fault in underground wires leading to the building. The fire resulting from the fault quickly spread upward towards the structure.

When the firefighter opened the door, a rush of oxygen fueled the explosion, intensifying the situation.

Swift action was taken by the fire department, and the building was promptly evacuated.

No one was hurt.