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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — The family and friends of the 17-year-old boy who was beaten to death near I Promise in Akron last week spoke publicly on Tuesday morning.

Ethan Liming, who was found in the parking lot near the basketball courts of the I Promise School late Thursday night, died due to a blunt force head injury.

His father, Bill Liming, on Tuesday morning spoke to FOX 8 and urged anyone with information on the suspects to come forward.

“We need someone with courage and confidence. We need you to help our son. We need you to help our family,” Bill Liming said.

He issued a warning to other parents in the area and says he doesn’t want this to happen to anyone’s child.

“I know we’ve been led to believe it’s a safe and secure place, it is not safe. It is not secure,” he said. “The cameras they have there are grossly insufficient.”

Police said Liming and his friends were involved in a fight that evening with a group of males who were reportedly playing basketball on the property. Liming’s friends reportedly called 911 after the victim was knocked unconscious and beat up.

Liming was pronounced dead at the scene at 400 West Market Street due to severe injuries.

The police investigation into the incident is still underway. Police have not made any arrests.