**Video Courtesy: @SivalingamHalle via Storyful.**

PHILADELPHIA (WJW) — Parkgoers were treated to a rare sight Friday when a young girl took an emotional support alligator through a splash pad area.

Turns out, the alligator is none other than WallyGator, a popular internet animal, the Philly Voice reported. It’s unclear why the gator was hanging out at Philadelphia’s LOVE Park, but probably just trying to cool off like the rest of us this summer.

Wally was adopted by Joie Henney back in 2016, and has since gained fans wherever he goes. WallyGator is currently in first place in the America’s Favorite Pet contest.

“WallyGator is an amazing creature,” Henney wrote on the animal’s contest profile. “He senses people emotions and gives hugs to try to cheer people up. He has been a huge support for me during my battle with cancer. He has come with me to radiation and has brought cheer to other patients and the doctors and nurses.”

It is currently legal to keep an alligator as a pet in the great state of Pennsylvania.