CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a life-saving rescue of a Cleveland police dog.

A drug raid left a K-9 investigator in trouble.

That led to tense moments and quick action. Police video shows K-9 Deke in distress. His partner found him panting heavily in the back seat of the patrol car.

“I could tell something was wrong with him,” Officer Byron Brody said. “He was panting profusely, drooling all over the back. It’s a kind of helpless feeling. You can’t do anything for him. But, something’s definitely wrong with him. It’s heartbreaking.”

Happened in March after a drug bust at West 127th Street and Guardian Boulevard. Police found a lot of drugs, a couple of guns and they arrested two suspects.

Then, they realized Deke needed help. Officers tried to figure out what was wrong. They even gave Deke Narcan, a drug often used to help people when they overdose.

But, no change.

So, officer Brody rushed the dog to West Park Animal Hospital.

“We administered the Narcan. It didn’t seem to work, so, I didn’t really know what was wrong with him at that point,” Brody said.

The staff at the West Park Animal Hospital found Deke had been exposed to cocaine and, likely, other drugs. Possibly opioids. Maybe some fentanyl.

Photo courtesy Cleveland police

“It is a scary thing to see even in the ER, especially, when you have high emotions,” Doctor Allison Wise said. “It is something that can be fatal with these dogs. We don’t know how much he could’ve gotten into. A strong drug, you only need a little bit in the system.”

Deke made a full recovery, and he’s ready, at any time, to go back out protecting Cleveland streets.

Police think Deke may have been exposed to some drugs when he found a stash inside a car under the dashboard. But, he got better, and he’s getting justice. Two people have now been indicted on charges for drugs and guns.

“He’s just another part of the family,” Brody said. “I’d never want anything to happen to him.”