CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team found drivers getting charged up to three times more than advertised for valet parking at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

So, we investigated. We looked into this after a local woman dropped off her 90-year-old mother for a flight and left outraged.

Jamie Cetor turned to the I-Team after she discovered the price at her car door outside the airport didn’t match the airport website.

“So, it made me mad they were just getting $30 for dropping someone off,” she said.

On the website, we noticed, valet parking as low as $9 for a half-hour or less. But, again, outside the airport, the price was $30 for everyone.

We pulled into the valet line with a camera rolling. We asked a worker, “It’s $30 across the board?” He answered, “Yes.”

We responded with, “Even if I’m only here for an hour?”

The worker said, “Yes.”

But we continued with, “OK, because on your website it says…” And, at that point the worker interrupted and said, “Yeah, $9, $15, something, something? Right, … the price … changes.”

WJW photo

Of course we then contacted airport management. We wondered why the price shown online didn’t match the price you found in the valet line. Plus, how long had it been that way? When did the price become 30 bucks for thirty minutes, or all day?

Hopkins Airport spokesman John Goersmeyer said, “That was an oversight on our part. And, we do apologize for that.”

He told us, the valet pricing and policy changed weeks ago. But, the Hopkins website never got updated. The airport made changes while cutting down the space for valet parking to allow for more traffic around the terminal.

Now the website has been updated matching the pricing and terms in the valet line.

“We welcome the feedback,” Goersmeyer added. “We welcome the correction because we want to be as transparent as possible. We want to make sure that we’re accurate.”

So, we got to the bottom of the confusion. And, Jamie is already thinking ahead to the next trip to the airport.

“If you want $30, that’s fine,” she said. “Put it on your website. It’s $30. We’ll definitely plan, double check.”