CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Cleveland Browns solidly beat the Cincinnati Bengals in their season opener last weekend. But the football teams weren’t the only ones making major plays that drizzly day in downtown Cleveland.

Fan Andrew Butts out of Rocky River was captured throwing a can of beer out to a willing participant on the American Courage freighter, which was rolling down the Cuyahoga River that morning. Butts and his buddies had been pregaming on the banks of the river when he tells FOX 8 the idea came together on the fly.

Photo courtesy @sbsb3388

“A friend of mine sees the ship passing and yells, ‘hey man, wanna beer?’ Guy says, ‘absolutely but you can’t make that throw,'” Butts recalled of the moment. “I’m like, ‘challenge accepted.’ He tosses me a Garage Beer, and I put a seed on the guy … I put it right on him.”

Video of the epic pass, recorded by Butts’ cousin, has caught the attention of many on social media, including the person who Butts tossed the can of Garage Beer (straight out of Columbus).

David Lieberman posted a photo of the beer can on the ship following the spot-on throw, saying presumably to Butts “I bet you you wouldn’t make it and you did, so I need to pay up.”

Photo courtesy David Lieberman

Butts — who along with a couple of his friends, is credited with the infamous “Super Bowl, Super Browns” catchphrase — said his throwing accuracy goes back to his days of playing football for Holy Name High School in Parma Heights.