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BEACHWOOD — A selfless act for the holidays earned a deserving boy a surprise he’d never forget.

We’re talking about 9-year-old Mikah Frye, who graciously passed on an Xbox so that his grandmother could purchase blankets for the homeless instead.

“He said, ‘you can buy them a blanket,’ and I said, ‘do you want to give up one Christmas gift to get a blanket to give to someone?’ And he said, ‘okay,’ and when he got home, he later said, ‘if the XBox is $300, and the blankets are $10, then I can buy 30 blankets,'” Mikah’s grandmother, Terry Brant, told Fox 8 News earlier this month.

Mikah’s gesture caught the attention of the Microsoft store in Beachwood Place. They wanted to reward him … and they did, today.

Check out our Facebook post, below, where you can see store employees surprising Mikah with his very own Xbox, games and a controller. Just be sure and grab your tissues. We sure needed them!