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DUNEDIN, Fla. (WFLA) — A man fishing with his family off the Dunedin Causeway got a bit of a surprise after a bald eagle snatched his catch away.

Utah couple Chad and Amanda Rissman had been visiting family in Pinellas County when they decided to go the beach to catch the sunset on Wednesday, which they missed the night before.

Amanda said while there, they decided to test out Chad’s fishing skills since he got his fishing license that morning, but after a day of no nibbles, the family was beginning to pack up their stuff.

That’s when one of the lines started moving.

Spotting the movement, Chad and an uncle began reeling what they thought was a fish, but as their quarry approached, they realized what they caught was actually a shark.

A TikTok video showed the two men tried to get close to the shark to cut it loose, but as they got closer, a bald eagle swooped out of nowhere, and snatched the shark.


Why is it spicy? When the Bald Eagle steels your Shark you let em have it. ##florida ##floridaman ##floridalife ##floridafishing ##foxnews

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Amanda said the eagle stayed around the family for around 20 minutes while it ate the shark on the beach, even drawing a crowd from the Jeep Club nearby.