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Video above is courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo via their Facebook page

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video captured at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo shows a recently born baby gorilla that looks to be thriving in his new habitat.

The zoo’s gorilla team captured the adorable moment that Baby G propelled himself on his own.

His adoptive mother, Freddy, can be seen encouraging him to move around and gave him space to explore on his own. 

You can see at one point, her motherly instincts kicked in when she protected his head from a backwards tumble he took.

The zoo has reached out for help to name the baby who was born back in October.

The three names people can vote on include:

  • Bakari, which means “one who will succeed”
  • Jabari, meaning “fearless or brave one”
  • Kayembe, meaning “extraordinary”

You can vote at, where financial donations can also be made.