AVON LAKE, Ohio — The bald eagle nest near Avon Lake‘s Redwood Elementary School has welcomed a second eaglet.

In early March, parents Stars and Stripes had added three eggs to the nest, keeping them warm and protected. Sunday, around 7:30 a.m., nest watchers reported seeing one hatchling among the twigs. Then Monday, another baby hatched. The third egg has yet to hatch.

This isn’t the pair’s first foray into parenthood, as seen on the live eagle nest camera feed over the years. The pair has reportedly had 17 successful fledges since 2015, according to the school.

Eagles normally lay two or three eggs a couple of days apart, making this third egg not totally unexpected (the couple had three eggs and hatchlings last year as well).

In the past, the school has held a naming contest for the baby birds.

Watch a live stream of the baby birds below: