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WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s sorry for his past behavior.

“It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,” Cuomo said during a press briefing, Wednesday.

The governor says he will cooperate with the investigation into accusations of sexual harassment.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says that’s the right thing to do.

“The allegations that have been made by Ms. Rush, Ms. Boylan and Ms. Bennett are serious, very troubling. These women have to be listened to,” Schumer said.

He continued: “I know the attorney general will conduct a thorough investigation that will be totally, totally independent, without any interference.”

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says it’s too early for final judgement.

“We shouldn’t stigmatize or go after the accusers ’cause it’s not easy to come forward on something like that, but they’re also entitled to due process. That’s a two-way street here,” Rubio said.

However, Rubio sees a double standard in the way some are responding to these allegations.

“If you’re going to react the way these people do when it’s a Republican, then they got to do it when it’s a Democrat. And if they don’t, then they lose all credibility to raise this topic and they actually hurt the cause they claim to support,” Rubio said.

Even though Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) says Cuomo should resign, he thinks state lawmakers should take action of their own.

“I just don’t see it happening, just being realistic and that’s why I think the more realistic conclusion here is going to be an impeachment,” Reed said.