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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Fox 8 I-Team looking into the mystery behind a missing dog, a case that has now sparked a police investigation.

Brandi Pierce says on Friday a friend watched her 12-week-old Great Dane puppy named Ellie Mae while she went to an event. 

“I took her to my friend on the west side of Cleveland,” Pierce said. “When I called that night about picking her up, she told me that she was gone, that she took off.”

Pierce says she was shocked because the puppy does not normally run away, and she is afraid Ellie Mae was stolen.  She called Cleveland police and officers searched for the dog, which was last seen on Storer.

The officers were unable to find her.

“She is part of the family, we love her and miss her,” Pierce said. “I have not slept well. I am so worried about her. We need her home.”

A Second District police detective is now investigating.

Anyone with information on Ellie Mae is asked to call detectives as soon as possible at (216)623-2712 or (216)392-2736.