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WARREN – City and police union officials are upset after a school resource officer was escorted out of the Jefferson K-8 building Tuesday, shortly after he issued a ticket to the principal for allegedly parking in a handicap area.

“The principal was warned several times,” said officer Michael Currington, a Warren police union representative. “Resource officer Adam Chinchic was ordered and escorted out of the building by the school’s business manager and the head of security  in the same fashion as a criminal.”

Currington said Chinchic had been a resource officer at the school for two years.

Warren City Schools Superintendent Steve Chiaro did not address this issue but released the following statement, “The Warren City School District has worked diligently over the past several years with the City of Warren to create and develop an effective School Resource Officer Program. Our students, families, and staff have received many benefits from this relationship and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future. It is our belief that an individual event or series of events should never impede what we have accomplished or affect the positive rapport and interactions our students and staff experience with our officers each day. ”

“Our officer was upset because he had promised a second grader he would have lunch with her and he couldn’t explain to her why he wouldn’t be there,” Currington said. “He was more upset about the student.”

Currington said the officer remains working for the police department but they hope to get him back to his job at the school.

Warren City Law Director Greg Hicks says he believed the officer acted properly.

“The officer asked her several times not to park there,” Hicks said. “My understanding she was parked in the striped area next to the handicap spot, and that is not allowed. She was told several times. If we allowed that, what would we be teaching our kids.”