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MANSFIELD, Ohio (WJW) — Mansfield police are warning residents about a phone scam involving a caller reportedly impersonating a police officer.

The department says they’ve received dozens of complaints from area residents about calls they are getting from a “Sergeant Ryan Grimshaw,” according to a release from Mansfield police.

“The caller is stating they need to discuss legal documents with them and then leaves a return phone number,” the release says. “If you call the number you do get a voicemail that identifies as ‘Sgt. Grimshaw.'”

The division does have a Sgt. Grimshaw on staff, but the department says these phone calls were not made by him.

“If you do receive a call please do not respond,” Mansfield police say.

The calls are currently under investigation.

If you have any information about the scam calls, please contact Lt. Robert Skropits at 419-755-9755.