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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – The energy in Parma’s Pokrova Ukranian Greco-Catholic Church is focused and urgent as volunteers box donations to be sent to civilians impacted by the war in Ukraine.

“We’ve been watching what’s going on and I think that’s the least we can do. We can send money, we can call them in the morning and at night, make sure they’re OK and they’re still alive,” said volunteer Mariya Horyn.

The church has been working on the humanitarian effort with the Cleveland Maidan Association, a nonprofit trying to raise funds to purchase medical equipment and basic necessities as well as support for families of soldiers who have been wounded or killed.

“All kind of communities reaching out. Like, it’s not just Ukrainians, it’s Moldova, Italians, Americans. Someone who lives down the street, they come here and ask, what do you need?” said Horyn.

That list includes warm clothes, non-perishable food (no glass containers) and sanitary and hygienic products.

Some of the most essential items are medical supplies like pain-relievers and first aid kits. 

“Medical gloves, anti-bacterial creams, bandages, we need the bandages definitely, and anything that stops bleeding,” said Horyn.

Donations, they say, have come pouring in that could help families like the wife and daughters of Vladimir Mamus.

He says their house in western Ukraine has been turned into a shelter, providing for 17 people, including 9 children, who fled Kyiv. 

“They’re lucky. They got out of there. So we give them shelter, we give them food,” Mamus said.

Mamus’ cousin and his family are trapped in Kyiv. Mamus is trying to get back to Ukraine but in the meantime, he says it’s difficult to be so far away while they are surrounded by war.

“They run to the shelter every two to three hours because they are shooting rockets and it’s alarm every two hours, even night. It’s a really, really sad story.”

That’s why he is also volunteering in any way he can. 

“It’s whole world helping our country to survive,” Mamus said.

The church and Cleveland Maidan really wanted to express their gratitude for the donations and show of support from the community and beyond.

Those who would like to provide monetary donations can find more information here. 

The church is located at 6812 Broadview Rd, Parma, OH 44134.