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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — An Arkansas Walmart is being used as a test location to see if only having self-checkout counters increases the speed and safety of customer purchases.

A Walmart spokesperson said Walmart Supercenter Store #359 in Fayetteville is currently removing all of its traditional belt lines to replace them with self-checkout registers.

There will be no cashiers at the location.

Walmart says there will still be employees in the store to assist customers who need or want additional help checking out.

The goal is to speed up the process of checking out with less interaction, the spokesperson said.

This comes just weeks after Walmart upgraded its app to allow for Walmart Pay, as well as implementing several other measures to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

According to USA Today, prior to the update, shoppers could only pick up groceries at curbside but were able to order items from other departments for pickup in the store.

The upgrade also allowed for touch-free payments in the app using Walmart Pay.

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