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FAIRPLAY, Colo. (WJW) — A small Colorado town came together to provide shelter to more than 700 people who were stranded over the weekend due to severe weather.

According to the Denver Post,  Fairplay, Colorado is home to 762 people.

This past weekend 746 travelers were trapped in the town when a large snow storm hit.  The emergency shelter ran out of cots and blankets and the town’s hotels filled up.

Volunteers went door-to-door and collected extra blankets from locals.  They also laid out the high school’s wrestling mats on the shelter’s floor. Hotel managers were letting people sleep in the lobby.

The newspaper says 300 people sought shelter overnight Friday and 446 on Saturday.  However, the county’s shelter was only designed to hold 50 people.

Authorities rescued more than 30 people from cars stranded on the roadways and brought abandoned vehicles to the shelter.

Members of local churches provided food and assisted volunteers to keep the shelter running.

Dave Kintz, chairman of the area’s Salvation Army, told the newspaper that this weekend the town saw a number of stranded travelers that was unprecedented in his 17-year career in emergency services.

Most travelers were reportedly able to leave Fairplay on Sunday, but now the town is embracing for the aftermath and clean-up.