CLEVELAND (WJW) – When you see officers with the Cleveland Division of Police handling the scene of a crash in the middle of the night, there’s a good chance a volunteer safety patrol will be helping to block traffic.

For that, the Cleveland Police Foundation just honored North Coast Emergency Services (NCES) as Community Partner of the Month. This comes at a time with more of a spotlight than ever on the dangers of first responders and construction crews working on busy highways with distracted or impaired drivers passing by and often plowing into emergency scenes or work zones.

In honoring NCES, the Cleveland Police Foundation wrote, “Since their service began in 2016, North Coast has responded to thousands of calls for service…”

Cleveland Police First District Administrative Sgt. James Bezak stated ” The dedicated volunteers of North Coast Emergency Services work tirelessly assisting with traffic control and securing a safe zone for public safety personnel in the Cleveland area. Their efforts help keep public safety officials safe from traffic hazards as they perform their duties. North Coast Emergency Services and the work done by these volunteers is a tremendous asset to the City of Cleveland.”

NCES Founder Chris Haire said, “We are extremely grateful for this recognition. As many folks know, we voluntarily provide our traffic management service to the Cleveland Division of Police to help keep officers and other first responders safe whether on the city streets or local highways. By doing this, we believe this allows officers/first responders to focus on the job at hand it also enhances officer safety. For the last 5 years, we have forged a great relationship with officers within the CPD, so this has become personal to us. We feel that our traffic management services allow first responders to focus on more pressing matters, and our dedicated team members believe this is a great way to give back to our community…”

When not assisting police, North Coast Emergency Services operates as a roadside assistance company for drivers.