Editor’s Note: The video above is about a cat café in Northeast Ohio.

BOSTON (WJW) – The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is drawing attention to health issues that can arise with overweight cats.

Volunteers and staff have been taking care of two new rescues – that each weigh over 30 pounds.

To put their size into perspective, the average healthy weight for a cat is around 10 pounds.

Maleficent, a 3-year-old female, weighs more than 30 pounds, and King, a 7-year-old male, weighs 33 pounds.

The rescue said given their condition, they were unable to groom themselves, leading to painful mats in their fur. The cats were also immobile.

Health risks for obese animals include diabetes, high blood pressure, renal disease, and respiratory disease, among others, ARL reports.

Both cats have been put on diet plans and given and exercise regimen.

Both Maleficent and King have shown significant progress, ARL says, emerging from their shells and revealing their sweet and playful personalities.

Over the past month, they have already shed several pounds towards their weight loss goals.

For now, Maleficent and King are not available for adoption, as the ARL wants to ensure that they reach a healthier weight before finding their forever homes.

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