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(WJW) – Even 110 years after the Titanic sank, stories and images of the iconic ship continue to captivate audiences around the world.

And now, there is an opportunity to see the ship up close and in person.

That’s right – you can dive to the depths of the ocean and see for yourself the Titanic.

OceanGate Expeditions, a company made up of undersea explorers, scientists, and filmmakers offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

According to the company, since the discovery of the Titanic 37 years ago, fewer than 250 people have personally seen the ship that sits about 2.5 miles below the ocean’s surface.

This is a chance to join that shortlist.

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What does the 2023 Titanic Expedition consist of?

According to OceanGate, the 2023 Titanic Expedition is an 8-day mission that begins and ends in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

There are a series of missions that will take place in 2023.

Each mission includes up to five dives. Each dive lasts between 6-8 hours.

During each mission, on the way to the dive site, a team of six “Mission Specialists” will take part in the training. The purpose of the training is to become more familiar with the crew, officers, safety procedures, and generally how things work while aboard.

OceanGate explains Mission Specialists are “citizen explorers” that work as a member of the crew and provide support.

What is the goal of the mission?

The mission is to explore the Titanic’s wreck site.

According to OceanGate, this is the company’s third expedition to survey the site. And because of the ship’s size and the scale of the surrounding area, the dives will continue for several more years.

The company describes on their website the job of those taking part: “Throughout your mission, you will actively support the team to help collect images and video, and to conduct laser and sonar scans to collect data to provide an objective baseline to assess the current condition of the wreck. This baseline will be used to assess the rate of decay over time and help to document and digitally preserve the historic maritime site.”

How do I qualify?

There are typically 30 positions available for Mission Specialists each season, according to organizers, and the series of missions typically take place between June and August.

Requirements include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age when the mission begins.
  • Have a valid passport, be able to live aboard a Dive Support Ship at sea for up to one week
  • Be able to board small boats (Zodiacs) in rough seas
  • Are comfortable in dynamic environments where plans and timetables may change
  • Be able to demonstrate basic strength, balance and flexibility (i.e. climb a 6-foot ladder, carry 20 lbs., etc.)

More details on the requirements can be found here.

How much does the experience cost?

According to the company, the training and support fee is $250,000.

The experience includes training, the 8-day mission, and dives to the Titanic aboard what they say is “the world’s only 5-person submersible capable of reaching 4,000 meters.” Read more about the vessel here.

Ready to explore?

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