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DJ Pryor had just finished watching the season finale of “Empire,” unsure of how he felt about it.

He began talking about it, to no one in particular. That’s when his 19-month-old son, Kingston, looked up, climbed onto the couch and began “talking” with his father about the finale.

The only thing is, Kingston can’t talk. But no one would know that from watching the video of Pryor and his son’s conversation, which had garnered more than 47 million views on Facebook by Friday night.

“I was laughing because of the way he was doing all the hand gestures,” Pryor, a comedian, told CNN on Friday. “I was just assuming, I was going off of stuff I thought he was saying.”

The heartwarming video showed Kingston pointing, yelling and laughing.

“Yeah, it’s the last one. I don’t know what they’re going to do next season,” Pryor says in the video.

Kingston then points an open hand to the TV and babbles some more as if to hypothesize on the next season.

“Exactly what I was thinking,” Pryor said.

Toward the end of the conversation Kingston calms down, babbles some more and laughs.

“We think a lot alike, huh?” Pryor responds with a chuckle.

Pryor told CNN he didn’t realize how viral the video was until his friends started texting him.

“It hasn’t all hit yet. It’s hasn’t all registered yet,” he said, adding that it may have registered for Kingston. “He knows he’s the star. He walks around like he’s a star.”

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NOW A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS!!! DID ME & KINGSTON BREAK THE INTERNET??!!! WHAT’S GOODY EVERYBODY!!! Wheeeeeeeeww!!! Where Do I Begin???? First Off THANK GOD!!! And THANK YOU!!! THE FANS, SUPPORTERS AND ADOPTED FAMILY FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💯 We could not have achieved any of this without any of you! We’re incredibly humbled by all the love and messages and shares and follows etc etc!!! Everyone has been asking me how I feel?? And the first few days I had no answer due to just being in shock, but now my feeling in one word is GRATEFUL!!! This video my Wife Shanieke Pryor shot was literally a “Home movies collection” type deal. It wasn’t shot with the intent to try to go VIRAL just something for the keepsake and no doubt I probably would’ve released it at a later date for the fun of it. I’ve worked, 16 years at chasing my dream to become an A-List Actor And The Greatest Comedian Of all Time!!! Things were already moving but It took my youngest son 1 year to achieve this 😂😂😂 The Point I’m Making is Sometimes The Dream May Not Unfold The Way You Saw It But It’ll Still Happen! I’m Grateful My Wife Captured One Of Our Pure FUNNY, FUNNY MOMENTS that happen everyday in our house 🏠 Thank You So Much Shanieke Pryor none of this would be without you, and thank you for your Steady Hands (holding the camera 🎥) LOL!! Thank You For Posting! To my oldest son Jabari thank you son for supporting your little brother and I and waiting your turn to show the world your SHINE!!! More importantly than fame I want the takeaway to be FATHERS WE ARE VERY RELEVANT TO THE NARRATIVE OF SOCIETIES PROGRESSION! Less guns would get picked up if more boys knew how to use their hands and go toe to toe, blow for blow Or If our boys were taught the power of simply outthinking an enemy rather than having to prove themselves to everyone who “Challenges” them. I’m Proud Of The Video Because It’s a Salute To All The Active FATHERS!!! Especially us black FATHERS who get a bad rep in the media a lot of the times. This video SHOWCASES a Natural, Hilarious Moment Of Letting My Son Communicate his thoughts and concerns about the grand finale of Empire!!! #WeBrokeTheInternet

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