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CLEVELAND– The high school football star recovering from a drive by shooting earlier this month has passed away. Sunday night the community, family, and friends will gather at John Hay High School to remember Michael Chappman.

He was described as a good student, loyal friend, and strong football player. Michael Chapman, 17, was going to be a senior.

“I’m going to miss my son, he was a good kid, and he brought a lot of light to my life,” said Neicey Bryant, Chappman’s mom.

Bryant tells Fox 8 her son passed away from complications Sunday morning after he was the victim of a drive by shooting back on July 6th.

“He was ready to walk, he was going to rehab every day.”

Fox 8 spoke to the teenager after he was shot in the torso and throwing arm, as he was recovering at University Hospitals Medical Center.

His outlook, positive, despite being told he may never walk again.

“Me not walking… I don’t think about that … I know I’m gonna walk again,” Chappman said.

Days later, the teen’s family explained it is hard to comprehend that he will never have the chance.

“He was talent, and he had a job and he was an A, B student, he was good child, and I’m so proud of my baby,” said Sally Bryant, Chappman’s grandmother.

“He loved football, that was one thing he loved, he was so worried about his teammates, even though he couldn’t play no more he knew he couldn’t play, but he was determined to get back out there to play.”

Number 10 will always be in their hearts.

“We’re going to be strong for him, we’re doing it for 10 that’s my baby brother, said Tinita McGee, Chappman’s sister.

The family had started a GoFundMe page to pay for Michael’s rehabilitation and treatment. The money will likely now be used to pay for his funeral.

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