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CAPE CORAL, Fla. (WJW) — Downed trees and winds of up to 100 miles per hour were just two observations from a Fox 8 employee in Cape Coral Wednesday as Hurricane Ian approached.

Digital executive producer Talia Naquin was hunkered down in her home with the storm shutters down and prepared with essentials. The area was under a shelter-in-place order.

As the storm approached Florida, it remained a Category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour, just two miles shy of Category 5 storm wind speeds.

The video below shows the storm at about 2:30 p.m., right before the hurricane was to hit Florida.

In contrast, the videos below here was taken at about noon.

Naquin described the weather as “scary but survivable” at just before noon, when there was still power.

As of 3 p.m., she was taking shelter in a closet.

Hurricane Ian officially made landfall at just before 3:30 p.m.