(Video Credit: Oregon State Police via Storyful)

OREGON (WJW) – An Oregon State Trooper is being praised for his “cat-like reflexes” after a video shows his quick reaction to catching a dog that jumped from a car during a traffic stop.

Dashcam and body camera footage show the trooper catching a retriever in his arms after the animal jumped out the front passenger window. The video also shows the trooper making friends with another pup in the vehicle.

“While contacting the driver and distracted by a coconspirator, a canine occupant attempted to elude on foot,” police said in a post on social media. “Trooper Silver’s dogged pursuit of peace and justice, paired with his cat-like reflexes, allowed him to take the canine into immediate custody and return him safely to his owner.”

Police said the driver was stopped for speed. The canine and the owner were both released with just a warning.