Editor’s Note: The video is hard to watch and may be disturbing for some viewers.

ODESSA, Florida (WJW) – A Florida daycare teacher is facing child abuse charges after security footage shows her pushing and shoving a child to put them down for a nap.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office released the video to Storyful after the arrest.

In surveillance video obtained by detectives, the woman, identified as Tara Ballou, can be seen forcefully pushing and pulling the child’s arms, legs, head, and neck with her hands. She also placed her left leg across the top of the victim’s body to hold him down. The child victim was crying and flailing their legs throughout the incident.

This happened approximately half an hour before Rong Liu, the co-owner of the daycare, attempted similar tactics on a child to get him to nap. Liu is also in custody.

“The video is hard to watch,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said, “but gives us a clear view of the mistreatment happening under their watch. We ask all parents who feel their children may have been victims of abuse at this daycare to talk with our detectives”.

The daycare workers both face child abuse charges. Detectives believe there could be more victims.