ATLANTA, Georgia (WJW) – Police in Atlanta are sharing video of a shoplifting arrest that happened when one suspect got a little greedy.

The police video is from August 7.

A security guard called police, saying the suspect had stolen a television from the store and returned moments later to pilfer another.

Acting swiftly, the officer decided to wait outside with the security guard.

As the suspect emerged from the store carrying the second television, he was met with the sight of the officer.

Realizing he had been caught, the suspect made a dash for freedom, but the officers had him in police custody within minutes.

Unfazed, the officer immediately gave chase, displaying a commendable commitment to his duty.

A tense pursuit ensued, with the suspect attempting to evade capture. However, the officer’s determination and agility prevailed, allowing him to apprehend the suspect just outside the store. The ensuing struggle lasted several minutes, as the suspect fiercely resisted arrest.

Both the officer and the suspect suffered minor scrapes in the pursuit.