(WJW) – A suspect has been arrested and charged with several felonies after a teddy bear exploded in a California business parking lot.

According to a Facebook post by the San Bernardino Police Department, the business owner was notified by witnesses that a possible explosive device, inside a large teddy bear, had detonated at the front of the business.

A video shared by police shows the explosion in the parking lot of a Dollar King. In the video, a man is seen placing the teddy bear down and then walking back to a vehicle. The bear starts to smolder before exploding. Afterwards, the suspect drives away.

According to the post, detectives reviewed the surveillance footage which led to a search warrant. At the suspect’s home, police say, the following evidence was located:

  • Firearm (ghost gun)
  • Over 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Over a kilo of Methamphetamine with packaging for sales
  • Illegal aerial fireworks
  • Ballistic Vest
  • U.S. Currency
  • Metal Pipes/saws (consistent with explosive devices)

The suspect was arrested on several felony charges, according to police.