CLEVELAND (WJW) – A video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows two women being attacked at a bus stop in downtown Cleveland, and it happened in broad daylight.

Investigators are treating the attack as a hate crime.

And this comes as we’ve also seen other violent crimes downtown making headlines, so we asked questions about your safety.

The bus stop attack happened in late March just off Public Square.

Security video shows two women waiting in a bus shelter. Then, you see a man casually walking across the street.

He strolls into the bus shelter, then he starts throwing punches and beating both women. It left them with serious injuries. Records show the victims are 54 and 64 years old.

RTA Police arrested Sergio Owens. And, a court complaint says Owens walked into the bus shelter and announced, “White people must go…” just before he attacked.

Now, Cuyahoga County prosecutors have indicted Owens on a series of charges including Felonious Assault and Ethnic Intimidation.

Owens has also been indicted for another downtown bus stop attack. In that case, he’s accused of beating a man the night before the attack on the women.

All of this puts a spotlight on your safety in light of what else we’ve seen, lately, downtown.
Last month, in the wee hours of the morning, multiple people reported getting carjacked downtown.

Cleveland police video shows one victim told officers four robbers had guns, they ordered him to give up his keys, and they put a gun to the back of his head.

And, last week a man stumbled into a gas station downtown after getting shot and critically hurt.

A 911 caller reported, “Yeah, someone got robbed and shot. He just walked to the gas station, here.”
Back to the cases involving Sergio Owens. RTA Police video shows an officer telling him, “You’re under arrest for felonious assault.”

He responds with, “Oh, my God. I did not do nothing to that lady.”

Later, he tells officers, “Man, I’m not going to jail for nothing.”

An officer says, “Yes, you are.”

Owens, then says, “No, I’m not, bro. Prove it. Prove it.”

We contacted Cleveland police about downtown safety. Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia issued a statement.

It said, “The downtown area is serviced by the Cleveland Division of Police Third District.  The downtown area is patrolled by officers on Basic Patrol and the Downtown Services Unit. In addition, the City of Cleveland partners with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance to provide added community assistance. The Cleveland Division of Police works each day to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to all neighborhoods across the City of Cleveland.  The public is reminded to report illegal and suspicious activity to law enforcement.  Call 911 in an emergency, 216-621-1234 for non-emergencies.  Anonymous information can be provided by calling Crimestoppers at 216-25-CRIME.”

But, in recent weeks, in the heart of the city, carjackings, gunfire, and a vicious attack in broad daylight.
Owens pleaded guilty in one court appearance tied to his cases. He, now, will go back to court with the Ethnic Intimidation charges added.

Records show he is being held in jail. His lawyer did not want to comment with the case pending.