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DUNDEE, UK — Peter Robson, 70, was just hours from dying.

But the man, who was in the hospital suffering from terminal cystic fibrosis, had one last wish before that happened: to see his dog, Shep, one last time.

He’d had Shep, a border collie, since the dog was a puppy. Shep was his companion after Robson’s wife died.

BBC reports that staff at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee asked Robson’s family if there was anything from home they wanted to bring to the hospital before he passed away. When they mentioned the dog — the family thought the request would never be granted due to infection control regulations barring animals from the hospital.

But then Robson’s nurses got involved. And 20 minutes later, he was told Shep could visit. The dog was brought to his owner’s bed, where Robson was able to say goodbye.

Robson’s granddaughter, Ashley Stevens, shared photos and video of those touching last moments, thanking Robson’s nurses for going above and beyond.

“Our grandad’s last and final wish was to see his dog one more time. Still in shock that the wish was granted and they went above and beyond today and made a dying man very happy,” she wrote.

Stevens added that the charge nurse of her grandfather’s ward is “an absolute angel, and we are eternally grateful. You don’t know what this meant to our granddad.”

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