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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio- A superintendent is in hot water for depantsing a school board member at a football game last week.

There is video of the incident taking place. In it, you can see superintendent of Maple Heights Schools, Doctor Charles Keenan, walk up to a school board member he says he is friends with at a football game.

He tells us he tugged on that board member’s pants and the pants dropped. He says that was not his intention at all,  and he feels horrible about the situation.

“I immediately apologized; I think initially we were both in shock. He was offended and rightfully so, so in the end, there’s a consequence which I fully accept for what happened,” Dr. Keenan said.

That school board member was upset and told the school board about the incident. They met behind closed doors to discuss what to do. They decided to suspend Dr. Keenan for two weeks without pay and have him write a letter to the board apologizing for his actions.

School board president, Pamela Crews, said, “It was really such a situation that went awry. We just want to get back to the kids; that is our focus, so we just want to get past all of this and move forward.”

We were told the incident happened before the football game, and no students were there to see it happen. We were also told no alcohol was involved.