(Video Credit: Kastus Kalinouski Battalion via Storyful)

KYIV (WJW/AP) — Heartwarming video is circulating of a dog that was reunited with its owner after they were separated during violence in Bucha.

Volunteers with a battalion fighting with Ukraine found the dog, Nessie, during the recapture of Bucha. Nessie was reunited with her owner in the carpark of a supermarket in Kyiv.

“As long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of not only humans but every animal,” the battalion said in a statement.

Bucha is a town outside of Kyiv where graphic evidence of killings and torture has emerged following the withdrawal of Russian forces.

Ukraine retook Bucha from Russia last week.

Scenes that have emerged from Bucha, Irpin and other Ukrainian towns liberated by Ukrainian forces have led to accusations of war crimes and demands for tougher sanctions against Russia.