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CLEVELAND, Ohio– FOX 8 has obtained video of Cavs fans doing something that makes you wonder if they were celebrating or protesting. A crowd can be seen stomping, rocking and walking on top of a Cleveland police car.

It happened at East 4th and Prospect after the Cavs won the NBA title and massive crowds took to downtown streets. The vandalism left the car with the windshield smashed out, footprints on the hood, a door mangled and more.

One witness shot video, and he admits it was a confusing scene. He said, “And then, that’s when I showed a couple people the video; they were like kinda confused because they were like, ‘I thought they won?’”

The police chief didn’t get too wound up about it though; he told FOX 8, overall, the crowd was well-behaved.

Cleveland police report only five arrests. Three were for disorderly conduct, and two were for receiving stolen property.

No one has been arrested for the police car vandalism. A spokesperson says officers will investigate by looking at video of the incident and more.

Meantime, a crowd also got onto a fire truck, but those folks did not try to rip it apart. Also, an EMS crew had trouble getting a patient to the hospital due to the crowds.

Some see this as a rehearsal for safety forces to get ready for possible large crowds during the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Privately some officers point out the need for more patrols on the streets at times like this. And one pointed out, this was a happy crowd. Things may be different during the Convention.

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