GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Video from a Thompson resident shows a black bear going to town on a bird feeder in his yard.

Brian Gamiere said the creature destroyed the feeder at about midnight Friday night.

He recorded the video himself after being awakened.

“I’ve heard of bear sightings nearby, but I haven’t personally seen one before,” he told Fox 8 in an email. “I made the feeder squirrel-proof, and it’s worked well for years. This was a big squirrel though, about 6 ft tall.”

In the video, the bear stands up on its back legs and uses its front paws to scoop the bird seed out, then shoves its head right into the feeder to gobble as possible. The bear then went to work on the crumbs that fell out onto the ground.

Gamiere said he would be replacing the feeder, but will place it a little higher and use a metal pole next time.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources recommends the following ways residents can bear-proof their yards if black bears come a-knocking:

  • Bird feeders and other wildlife feed: remove feeders, including hummingbird and suet feeders.
  • Trash receptacles: store your garbage either in a garage or a secure container.
  • Pet foods: keep pet foods inside, especially at night.
  • Grease from grills: clean out grease traps after each use; store grill in garage or shed.
  • Secure beehives: place electric fencing around beehives.
  • Crops: pick fruit from berry bushes as soon as possible; scare bears out of agriculture fields as soon as damage occurs

To report a black bear sighting, click here.