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MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) — A high-speed collision between a tractor trailer and a car turning into wrong lanes of the I-271 is captured by another truck’s dashboard camera.

Mayfield Village police say the driver of the car was seriously injured but somehow survived the crash.

It happened on Monday at 4 p.m. in the express lanes of northbound I-271. The dash cam video shows a car in the local lanes of I-271 using the emergency turn around to make a U-turn into the express lanes.

That’s when the car collided head on with a northbound tractor trailer.

The video shows parts flying from the car as it’s being pushed down the highway, until the driver is able to stop his rig.

A witness called 911 and told the dispatcher, “I’m driving on 271 north in between Wilson Mills and the 90-split, and there was just a car that went to go turn into the express lanes, going the wrong way and a semi just hit the car.”

The dash cam video of the crash came from the truck of Jason Welsch of Massillon. Welsch says when he pulled over, he was convinced that the driver of the car had been killed and was shocked to discover that she has survived.

Welsch told Fox 8, “we couldn’t believe that we were seeing her walking around to be honest with you. She was back there crying ‘my car, my car.’ Her nose and face were busted up pretty good but other than that, her body was fine. I thought for sure I was going to go back there and find someone dead, but I guess Jesus does save.”

Welsch and the other witnesses believe the woman missed her exit on I-271 and for some reason believed that she could turn around in the express lanes, not realizing she was turning into oncoming traffic.

Mayfield Village police are convinced the 34-year-old woman survived because she was wearing a seatbelt and the airbag deployed. She was taken to the hospital by life squad for treatment of her injuries, but no information about her condition is being released.

Investigators say the accident illustrates why driver should not use emergency turnarounds on busy highways. “The cut throughs are marked for emergency vehicles only and it’s simply not safe to ever use those cut throughs,” said Chief Paul Matias. “When you have trucks coming at 60, 70 miles an hour, it’s just not a safe thing to do.“