The video above may be disturbing to some viewers.

BYRON, Georgia (WJW) – It was a scary scene on a Georgia highway as police and community members tried to stop a “reckless” driver who had a child in her SUV.

According to the Byron Georgia Police Department, officers were called to the scene when the driver was allegedly veering into oncoming traffic.

When police arrived, witnesses were surrounding the car to keep her from driving further. Police said, the suspect was uncooperative and refused to talk with officers.

Police then placed stop sticks under the SUV’s tires in an attempt to keep the woman from driving off, but the driver continued even with a flat tired.

According to police and dash camera video, the driver backed into a car stopped behind her and then pulled forward hitting an officer and police cruiser.

The driver then backed up again and pulled forward hitting two witnesses, as well as another police cruiser.

Officers attempted to block the car. That’s when the driver backed into a third police cruiser. She then pulled forward and hit a cruiser for the second time.

The suspect continued on the highway a short distance before officers were able to block her and take her into custody.

The child with the suspect was not hurt in the incident, according to police. Officers, and citizens assisting, also escaped serious injury.