CLEVELAND (WJW) – Newly-released body camera video is revealing what an animal control officer faced when she tried to seize an unusual wolf-dog mix that allegedly attacked a Cleveland woman last month. 

John Baird, Cleveland’s chief animal control officer, has classified the animal as a “wolf-hybrid” and said the city considers the animal a “level 2 threat.” 

The body camera video shows the officer arriving at the home of the animal’s owner on East 147th Street on Aug. 17, 18 days after witnesses say the wolf-dog got loose from the owner’s yard and attacked the victim.

Laeann Amos-Reed says that if a Good Samaritan had not intervened on the day of the attack, she could have been killed.

“It bit the whole calf muscle, a chunk of it was ripped wide open,” she said earlier this month.

The body camera video shows that after a lengthy exchange with the animal control officer, the wolf-dog’s owner, De’cardo March, initially agreed to help put the animal in a cage in a city truck.

But the hybrid put up a fight, flailing wildly. The video shows the 23-year-old March trying a second time to put the animal in the cage and failing.

On the video, March told the animal control officer that his pet is actually a shepherd/husky mix, and he denied that she attacked the victim.

However, March admitted that he did not pay for a dog license and was unable to provide proof that the animal was up-to-date on rabies shots.

The video shows the animal control officer and a police patrolman attempt to bring the wolf hybrid under control, but they could not.

On the video, March is heard refusing to help the officers because he claimed that he and his pet were being treated unfairly.

The video shows the officer calling for back up, and with the assistance of a second animal control officer, she was able to get control of the animal and load her into the cage.

The wolf hybrid is being held at the Cleveland City Kennel, and a judge will eventually decide the fate of the animal.

Animal control officers say the wolf-dog does not have rabies.

According to the John Baird, March has now been cited for violating Cleveland’s dog nuisance law and allowing a dog to run at large.