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PROSPER, Texas — Admit it — you’ve been in the car or shower and belted out a Whitney Houston song or two.

When Dane Miller, 9, of Texas did it, his dad started recording and a family member posted it on Facebook where it has gone viral.

As of Tuesday morning, Dane’s version of “I Have Nothing” had more than 20 million views, nearly 300,000 shares and 141,000 likes.

Dane’s mother said her son, who has Down syndrome, got into Whitney Houston after watching a documentary on the late singer.

“He started downloading some of her songs and that was the one he just go stuck on,” Danna Miller told KTVT of his passion for “I Have Nothing.”

“Just reading the comments, they’re so sweet. I get emotional. Even some other families that have Down syndrome children have posted pictures of their kids, ” she said.

Dane told KTVT that it makes him “happy” that so many people have watched his video.

He says he plans on making more videos.

The family started a YouTube channel for him called “Amazing Dane.”