FRANCE (WJW) — The terrifying moment a skier fell into a surprise glacier crevasse in the French Alps was caught on camera. And now the whole experience from last April is being shared by a group of skiers known as “the Powtos.”

The crew was reportedly skiing a glacier when one of them was unable to avoid a deep hole that seemingly came out of nowhere.

The cylindrical hole he fell into is known as a moulin or mill, and caused by water melting.

After plunging nearly 50 feet down, and using his skis to keep from going further, the skier was rescued by his friends who came prepared for their outing with ropes and other rescue gear.

Credit: The Powtos via Storyful

The group told French media they were initially unsure of sharing the video, but ultimately decided to use it as a tool to teach others about the hazards of glaciers.

“You can still get caught when you’re in a state of euphoria after a good few runs down in powder snow,” the group told Storyful.