*Above video shows storm damage from overnight in hard hit Mentor*

MENTOR, Ohio — (WJW) Mentor was hit hard by the overnight storm.

A tornado warning sounded at midnight. Winds whipped up tearing down trees and powerlines.

Andrew Luptak, who lives on Fairview Avenue, awoke to a torrent of rain and powerful wind gusts. 

“It was just a fireworks show of lightning. The sky was nonstop. Ya, know, my wife woke me up. We heard a large bang. Thankfully everyone’s okay from what it seems.”

Andrew counted five powerlines down and at least three trees blocking his street. But his neighbors are all okay. 

*Above video shows what daylight has revealed after storm slams Mentor overnight*

Mentor police Lieutenant Dan Molnar has been out since the middle of the night surveying the damage.

“It’s crazy out here, wires down, trees down. There was flooding earlier but I think that’s cleared up now. What we really want to get out to the public is, wires down, stay away. Please. Stay away from wires. Treat them all as live.”

Nearly all of Mentor Avenue is blocked off.

Police, fire and power crews are all working together to restore order. 

“Right now what we like to do is close everything big and  we kind of work to get it small and manageable,” Molnar said.