VALLEY VIEW, Ohio (WJW)– A water main break in Valley View sent water shooting several feet into the air Thursday morning.

It happened at Canal Road north of Hathaway Road.

Cleveland Water said it’s a break on a 16-inch main. Repair crews have controlled the water flow and are making water out of the hole so they can start repairs.

Thursday’s break was about 30 yards away from similar break last month, Valley View Mayor Jerry Piasecki said. It’s the third in the past two years in the same stretch of road.

“This is no one’s fault. You have an aging water system that has significant pressure in it and specifically in the area that we are dealing with today, we have had breaks there in the recent past and when you have breaks in those areas, you have large amounts of water that are flowing to those systems that don’t normally flow,” said Valley View Fire Chief Ken Papesh.