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EUCLID – Police body camera video shows more violence and chaos following another local high school football game.

On Saturday, Euclid police officers received several 911 calls about large fights taking place following the Cleveland Heights and Cleveland Benedictine High School football game. The game was played at Euclid.

One caller told police about 100 kids were gathered and several were fighting.

Euclid police reports say it took about 90 minutes to “completely disperse and control the crowd of approximately 300 juveniles.”

“The females were punching, kicking and dragging each other in the middle of the road and impeding the flow of traffic,” one report states. “I deployed pepper spray in the general area and the females stopped fighting.”

Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer and Police Captain Mitch Houser says the department works closely with the school district and had several officers working that night to help with crowd issues.

A loaded gun was also found at the district’s old stadium. 

Another local school district, Garfield Heights, recently changed their football game to a day game after large fights broke out at night games, two weeks in a row.

“We are seeing this all over the area. Many of these games turning to violence, particularly towards the end of the game,“ Meyer said. “This is one of America’s greatest pastimes and here we are ending a beautiful evening with chaos.”

The chief noted no arrests were made and no injuries were reported.

Euclid Superintendent Chris Papouras released the following statement about the situation.

“The schools and Euclid Police Department have a mutually supportive relationship. The combination of school personnel and the Euclid Police Department effectively prevented any confrontations from occurring in the stadium or on our campus. It is our understanding that the reported fights occurred off of Euclid’s campus. The game was played at Euclid because it was Benedictine’s home game. This is the third year Benedictine has rented our stadium for their home games and they have been wonderful to work with.  Benedictine is always highly cooperative and inclusive with their plans for the games in Euclid. We are constantly evaluating our processes and procedures with our game day operations both internally and for external groups that lease our facilities. Every situation provides the opportunity for progress and evaluation. Euclid is committed to the safety of our students and all visitors when they are on our campus.  

The gun retrieved was found in an auxiliary stadium that was not in use Saturday evening. At Euclid Community Stadium, where the game was played, we implement safety and security procedures to ensure the safety of everyone. This is the fifth year that we have implemented metal detectors in our district for football games. We ensure that we have an appropriate number of uniformed police officers and security personnel for every event we host. Last year, we began to require that all middle school students and younger are accompanied by an adult and that high school students wear their school ID’s. We constantly evaluate events taking place on our campus and work closely with the Euclid Police Department to create a safe environment. “

A spokesperson with Benedictine High School did not get back to us regarding the incident.

A spokesperson with Cleveland Heights High School said, at this time, they “have no evidence that suggests that our students were involved in an incident. “