SAN DIEGO, California (WJW) – A golden retriever demonstrated that its friendliness knows no bounds when it befriended a bike thief during a recent incident in San Diego.

The San Diego Police are now on the lookout for the suspect in connection with the theft of a high-value bicycle.

They released video of the incident, which occurred on July 15.

The footage revealed the suspect attempting to make off with an Electra 3-speed bicycle estimated to be worth around $1,300. However, the golden retriever residing at the residence had other plans in mind.

Rather than behaving as a vigilant guard dog, the affectionate pooch rolled over, inviting the suspect to give it a belly rub.

The heartwarming scene unfolded as the thief was preparing to make his escape, leaving the police and homeowners astounded by the unexpected encounter.

In the video, the suspect can be heard expressing his admiration for the friendly canine, stating, “You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. I love you too. You’re a sweetheart.”

The thief even took a moment to address the dog, mentioning that “your dad should not leave the garage open,” before checking if anyone was home.

Despite a brief pause for more cuddles, the suspect eventually left the scene with the stolen bicycle.

San Diego Police are actively investigating the case, hoping to identify and apprehend the bike thief.